Incorporating the very latest in state of the art composite construction techniques, fiberglass rifle stocks from Borden Rifles Inc. have become the standard by which all synthetic stocks are measured. Each current model of Rimrock stock is a custom design by Jim Cloward, elegantly crafted in a classic style to precisely fit the barreled action and shooter. Rimrock stocks are a one piece, seamless fiberglass shell reinforced with solid fiberglass cross bolts and pillars, and filled with a sound absorbing, rigid plastic foam. The stock is not injection molded of glass filled plastic, but is a seamless, pressure molded, high temperature epoxy/fiberglass laminate.

   The Rimrock camouflage stock's patented construction method uses a layer of printed camouflage fabric underneath the fiberglass/epoxy outer layer. Because the camouflage pattern is molded in beneath the surface of the stock, the pattern cannot be chipped, scratched or worn off... unlike painted camouflage stocks. For more information on the stocks click on the Rimstocks link on this page.

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