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List of Actions in Stock:

  • Borden Alpine Magnum RH--$1160.00
    • Right magnum Port
    • Wyatt well for WSM and RSAUM cartrdiges
    • Magnum bolt face
    • Standard handle
    • single pinned recoil lug
  • Borden Alpine RH--$1185.00
    • Right Standard Port
    • remington Short action magazine well
    • 308 bolt face
    • Big knob handle
    • single pinned recoil lug
  • Borden Rimrock BRM RBLP Receiver (slightly used)--$1000.00 (1 available)
    • Stainless Steel
    • Right Bolt Left Port
    • single shot
    • Standard straight bolt handle
    • 308 boltface (coned nose and sako style extractor extracts PPC or BR)
    • Pinned lug included
    • plus ship/insure to ffl

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Have to make room in shop for new equipment -so some of the equipment not being utilized has got to go!

Hardinge CNC Chucker---$4000 you pick up here and arrange all rigging


Kao Ming Model 460A Tool and Cutter Grinder-$500



Shop Inventory Cleanup Sale:

  • Redding Dies
    • 22-250 Rem Imp Competition Seater (55406) $75.00 (2 available)
    • 22-250 Rem Imp Type S nk die (71406) $50.00 (1 available)
    • 257 Roberts Competition Seater (84241) $100.00 (2 available)
    • 7MM-08 Rem Deluxe Die Set (84139) $50.00 (1 available)
  • Original N201-6 1/2 400 Gram cans--$200.00

Tools, Accessories and Other Items

Image Part # Description




Click for larger picture

BA_BR_PIC_20 Picatinny 20 MOA Ramp for Rimrock BR Actions---Aluminum $110.00
  BA_BRM_PIC_20 Picatinny 20 MOA Ramp for Rimrock BRM Actions-Aluminum $110.00
  BA_BRM_PIC_30 Picatinny 30 MOA Ramp for Rimrock BRM Actions-Aluminum $110.00
  BA_BRM_PIC_60 Picatinny 40 MOA Ramp for Rimrock BRM Actions-Aluminum $110.00
  BA_BRL_PIC_20 Picatinny 20 MOA Ramp for Rimrock BRL Actions-Aluminum $110.00
  BA_BRL_PIC_40 Picatinny 40 MOA Ramp for Rimrock BRL Actions-Aluminum $110.00
  BA_TL_PIC_0 Steel Picatinny neutral blued steel Rail for Timberline Actions (black oxide finish) $125.00
  BA_TL_PIC_20_AL Aluminum Picatinny 20 MOA Rail for Timberline Actions $110.00
  BA_TL_PIC_20 Steel Picatinny 20 MOA Rail for Timberline Actions(black oxide finish) $125.00
  BA_ALP_PIC_0 Steel Picatinny neutral Rail for Alpine Actions (black oxide finish) $125.00
  BA_ALP_PIC_20_AL Aluminum Picatinny 20 MOA Rail for Alpine Actions $110.00
  BA_ALP_PIC_20 Steel Picatinny 20 MOA Rail for Alpine Actions (black oxide finish) $125.00
Talley Bases
Borden Custom Made Talley style 7050 Aluminum Talley Style Bases for 1.350 Diameter actions (8x40 Torx screws included)
DT Bases
Borden Custom Made Davidson Style Dovetail Bases for Kelbly and other similar Dovetail Rings--made of 7050 Aluminum-matte finish (complete with 8x40 Torx screws)

Unitized Rings

Click for larger Picture

Talley 1 inch Low or medium height, 30MM Medium unitized Rings made especially to fit the receiver ring and sculpture of Borden Rimrock, Timberline and Alpine Actions. Complete with 8x40 Torx Screws
Action wrench
Borden Rear Entry Action Wrench for Rimrock, Nesika, Made of 4140 hardened to 55 Rc.New model is not ciurved and has 3/4 inch hex head (9/27/13)
Bolt Tool

Rimrock Bolt Disassembly Tool (old style shroud)

old shroud

Bolt Tool
Nesika Bolt Disassembly Tool
Bolt Tool
Remington Bolt Disassembly tool for bolts with ISS
FP Tool

Borden Firing pin disassembly tool for Rimrock, Alpine, Timberline AND Remington Firing pin assemblies. NOT ANODIZED

Lug Locator
Remington 700 Recoil Lug Locater Tool for Holland Lugs
Trigger GUard
Aluminum ADL style trigger guard --machined. Only has rear guard screw hole
Black Hat

Borden Rifles Hat with Sheep Logo embroidered--Crown of hat is Black--Camo Bill


updated 7/2/15

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