Alpine Timberline Actions

Shown with optional Remington handles

These are the most accurate repeater hunting actions on the market. They are manufactured to true benchrest tolerances and yet are made to be reliable in the field.

Alpine Actions are direct Rem 700 SA drop in (Repeater action weighs 26 1/2 oz)

Timberline Actions are direct Rem 700 LA drop in (Repeater action weighs 28 1/2 ounces)

Magnum version of each requires lengthening port opening in stock

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Key Features Include:
  • Action Footprint designed to be drop in for stocks inletted for Remington 700 (standard action now has straight machined handle and McMillan offers that inletting-Rem 700 handle still available for those that want to fit stocks already inletted for Rem 700 with Rem 700 handle)
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Action Body(40 Rc)
  • Hardened and ground 4140 Bolt Body (44 Rc)
  • Bolt Body to Action Body clearance <.002 inch
  • Bolt Face perpendicular within .0002 inch -This is best in industry
  • Manufactured Right Hand or Left hand
  • Bolt Head and lugs designed to smoothly fit action raceway so that "anti-bind rail" is not needed
  • 1 1/16 x 18 TPI Threading for barrel tenon
  • Neatly executed spiral fluting on bolt body
  • Silver brazed on Borden Machined Bolt Handle (Remington 700 handle available as option)
  • 4 Boltface Sizes (Dakota, magnum, 308, 223) the 308 boltface extractor can be set to be able to successfully extract and eject ppc cases)
  • Bolt faces
  • Click on picture for enlarged view
  • Effective with June 1, 2015 new orders-all hunting actions come with double blind pinned recoil lug
  • There are NO TAPS used in the manufature of these actions
  • Thread Milled 8x40 Blind Scope block holes
  • Thread Milled 1/4x28 Guard Screw Holes
  • Standard and "Magnum" port length available for each model
  • Remington and Wyatt magazine wells available in each model
  • Single shot and repeaters available in each model
  • Proprietary feed rails designed to smooth feed even Short Magnums and Ultra Magnums
  • Medium Sako Style Extractor installed with plunger positioned for low ejection angle
  • M16 style extractor available on bolts with 308 and magnum boltfaces-no extra charge
  • Borden Standard Machined Handle Standard on Right or left hand actions
  • Borden "Big Knob" Handle Available on Right or left hand actions
  • Remington bolt handle is available as an option--be advised that Remington bolt handles may have casting marks and pits--they are what we receive from Remington and we are not responsible for the quality of these handles--we only offer for those that just have to have that handle.
  • Borden Big Knob "shortie" bolt handle available as option
  • Remington style nose on repeaters and thirty degree coned nose on single shots
  • Bolt Handles
  • Click on Picture for enlarged view


Ring and Base options:

Ring and base combinations made for Remington 700 actions will not work on Borden Alpine or Borden Timberline actions. The screw holes in our actions are 8x40 and are spaced .860 apart. The rear bridge is the same height as front receiver ring thereby eliminating the possibility of using bases made for the Remington 721/722/700 family of actions. Here are some options for Rings and bases we have available:

  • Talley style bases made of 7050 Aluminum ($35)
  • Talley unitized rings made for our actions. These rings do not ultilize bases and are made specifically for our actions so that the foot of the ring fits within the scallops on the action. ($53)
  • 1 piece Picatinny rails in neutral or 20MOA ramp made of aluminum or black oxide colored chrome moly steel . ($110 for aluminum $125 for black oxide steel)
  • Holland Shooting Supply picatinny two piece blued steel bases (neutral)(Available from Holland)
  • Aluminum Dovetail bases for rings such as Kelbly or J&J ($35)

All of the Right hand and left hand versions of the Alpine and Timberline actions are available.

Delivery time is currently approximately 12 weeks.

Your questions and business are important to us. Please feel free to call for Details 570-965-2505.

Actions can be bought directly from us or from one of these retailers:

Eurooptic, 439 Crawford Alley, Montoursville PA 17754, 570-368-3920

Click Here for Borden page at Eurooptic.


Taylor Accuracy,, 303-802-7008

Click here for Taylor Accutracy webpage


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